Thursday, July 26, 2012

That Leopard has PINK Spots!!!!

So by now you know that every week Jill @ Jilltastic has a weekly challenge. Well this week I was super lucky and got to choose the Challenge:) an well I ♥ leopard nails so it was a given:) I saw a mani on pinterest that I thought was super cute (you can see it here) so I figured this is perfect for the challenge!!! I taped my tips coated them with Sally Hansen " Hard to Get" your basic creamy white. I grabbed my medium dotting tool and China Glaze "Pink Voltage" and made approx 5 abstract dots on each nail.  I then grabbed my tiny dotting tool and Sinful Colors "Black on Black" and made semi circles and dots around each pink dot:)  Followed it all with a coat of SV and TA-DA!!!! So what do you guys think??? I ♥ it!!!! Def will be keeping this one for a few days!!!!


  1. I love it! Very cute. I wish mine would come out so perfect, but they never do.

    1. I never think mine are perfect!!!! It is just the perfectionist in us all:)

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous! I love Pink Voltage! you did an awesome job on this!! <3

  3. Love it! You are very inspiring dear.I just discovered your blog and really like it.! I just shared Arm Candy Party on my blog. If you have a minute, I would love to hear your comment.
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