Monday, July 30, 2012

Guest Blogger:) My Indie Glam Addiction

So with out further ado, I give you 
Jenn @ My Indie Glam Addiction

How I Punk’d Up Dollish and Made an Indie Jelly Sandwich
Well hello, hello everyone! I’d like to thank Melissa at Pinked Polish for asking me to make a guest appearance on her blog. I am truly honored! When she first asked me, I had no idea what I was going to post. Then she suggested a jelly sandwich mani. I’ve never done one before and have heard that they can be hit or miss so I figured I’d give it a shot.
I’m sure there are certain rules to follow when it comes to this kind of mani that I am not aware of, so again, if this is an epic fail, thank you Melissa for letting me do it on your blog! :P
I have several polishes but really wanted to do a 100% Indie jelly sandwich. That proved much more difficult than I thought. All of the Indies I have already have glitter in them! Hmmmm what to do?? Then it hit me. I have an original bottle of Dollish Polish Hip Hop Hippity Hop and if I don’t shake it the glitter will stay at the bottom - therefore I have a lovely pink base!

Does it qualify as a jelly? I asked myself that several times during this mani and to be honest, I still don’t know. All I knew was that it took two coats to become opaque which meant that one coat would do what I needed it to do and that was good enough for me.
Next I needed to find an Indie glitter. This was a task since I own so many. I decided to do Pretty & Polished Punk’d Up Betty because I hadn’t tried it yet and just received it in the mail the day before. This polish was one of my lemmings for quite a while so excuse me if I dork out a little bit!!

Alright, here we go! First I applied two coats of Hip Hop Hippity Hop to make it opaque. Then I waited for it to dry.

I really like this shade of pink!
Once it dried I applied two coats of Punk’d Up Betty to get a lot of the glitter because I wanted it to stand out.

I know right??? I love it too.
Okay… movin on.
Then it was time to top my sandwich. I decided to do varying coats of thickness with Hip Hop Hippity Hop because… well why not?

Okay so it’s not as glamorous as I’d like it to be (wow my fingers were really dry by the end of this!!) and again, I’m not sure if this is how it was supposed to turn out but as it was my first attempt I’d say it isn’t too bad!
It was definitely a fun experience and I’m not sure that I would have attempted it had it not been requested by you, Melissa!
Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity!! J
-          My Indie Glam Addiction

Jenn - I ♥ it, and I may just have to get me a bottle of Punk'd Up Betty!!!  We will have to do this again soon!!!! ♥ Melissa


  1. interesting! not sure how I feel about it haha

  2. It's an interesting look, for sure. I have mixed feelings about jelly sandwiches (and have only ever managed one decent one), but I think this one looks best with the one regular coat. Great job!

  3. I have mixed feelings about the look of the jelly sandwiches as well. All in all it's fun to do but I don't know if I'd actually sport the look.

  4. I have no Indie polishes but I keep seeing them on blogs & I really HAVE to try ordering some. LOVE punk'd up betty


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