Saturday, July 21, 2012

Nail Foils!!!!!

Inside Natural Light before TopCoat

So a couple of weeks ago I saw Nail Foils on Pinterest, I was in awe of how shiny they were:) I ♥ Shiny so I had to get some!!! I ordered some from and they came in today!!! The selection is fab and each roll of foil was $1 and they had all kinds of other nail art supplies for $1 hence the name Dollar Nail Art:)  So I youtubed the "how to" on nail foils and when from there. I started with a base coat of polish close to the foil color and then once that was dry I put on the foil adhesive (this take about 1 min to dry) then applied the foil and ripped it off:) it is super shiny. Per my internet research I used a regular top coat (not quick dry) because quick dry will make it crinkle. and well it crinkled anyway:( So If you have a good topcoat to use on Foils let me know!!!!!  The foil color I used is called Blue Mist:) I am really happy with the results, now all I need is a top coat to use with the foils!!!! Let me know what you guys think and any tips you may have!!!! Have a fab weekend:)  ♥ Pinked Polish
Inside Artificial Light before TopCoat

Update:  Wet and Wild Top Coat works:) it still crinkles some but not too much:) way better than SV or Gelous or SH Strenghting topcoat and it was only .99 cents:)


  1. love the color - ive yet to try foils but i am going to one day!!


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