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This is Seche Vita or SV and HK Girl by Glisten and Glow:) I LOVE these top coats. I used to hate to paint my nails because they took so long to dry but this stuff works, wet to set in 5 minutes flat ( 4 coats of polish too)!!! You can find SV at most drug stores, ULTA, Sally's Beauty Supply, and of course It costs between $6 and $9 a bottle!!!  But fair warning this polish can cause shrinkage and the bottle can get goopy after you use it several time so make sure you pick up some Seche restore:( You can get HK Girl from for $6.95:) I haven't had any shrinkage with HKG and no goopiness, It last longer on the nail than SV but doesn't dry quite as fast.
 For me SV is best on a wet polish  and HK Girl is best on a dry polish as a way to up the shine, but both are completely AWESOME!!!!

Here are my specialty top coats:) from L-R.  Essie's "Matte about You" top coat. This top coat give a great matte effect to all polishes and dries in a flash, but fair warning if you use you hands a lot this will wear quick. You can find this almost anywhere for around $8 to $10.  Next are my 2 Holo Top Coats the #'s are the grade of Spectraflair in them.  The are fabulous I got them both on Copious by a unnamed indie maker for around $12.  Finally is Gelous, this is my go to for Glitter. If you don't know a lot of Glitters eat top coats, well Gelous stops that!!!! 

For My Base Coat I use OPI Nail Envy:) I Love this stuff it is great for my nail and I rarely get nail staining when I use this no matter the polish color.  you can get this at Salons, and Ulta for around $10.

This is my clean up brush. This is an ELF pro concealer brush that I picked up from target for $1.  You can really use any brush but I recommend one with soft, stiff, short bristles to effectively clean up the mess that we all eventually make:)

Cuticle Care is all about consistancy.   I use Avoplex by OPI EVERYTIME I change my polish. I also try and use it everyday even when I don't change my polish. It will penetrate your polish so you can still condition you nails even when they are painted. You can get this stuff just about anywhere OPI is sold for around $8.  Next is Sunny's Miracle Balm:) This stuff is addictive and great and smells yummy and comes in like a million different scents.  Have this beside my bed, in my purse, beside the Couch, just about any where I know I might need it. You can get it here, and it cost $3 per tub or 3 for $5.

 Here are my stamping plates I currently have BM (Bundle Monster) and Cheeky plates, total about 50 plates:) You can get these off of Amazon and they run anywhere from $3 for and individual plate to $40 for a collection of plates.  The Konad stamper and scraper is available on Amazon for about $4.

I use two Konad Colors black and white they do come in an assortment of colors but you can use just about any 1 coat polish(a polish that gives complete coverage with 1 coat).  The polishes are about $3 to $6 a piece you can find them on Amazon or directly from Konad.

These Dotting tools I bought off of for $6 for the pack of three. I do suggest getting these online as I have only seen them at Sally's Beauty Supply in the past and they run about $15 dollars for a set of 2.

Striping tape:) this was so much fun I got these on Amazon, a pack of 10 colors for $3 and I think shipping was even free!!!

Nail Foils and adhesive:) The Beauty's are great for a Special occasion but don't expect them to last any time at all.  I got about 30 Colors and the Adhesive from for around $30

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