Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Circus......of the Sun part 2

I have three more polishes from China Glaze Cirque du Soleil collection:) These three colors where the first ones in the collection I was drawn too. I am a sucker for blue, green and glitter:)
First up is Hanging in the Balance, this is a creamy bright medium blue:) This is my 2nd fav in the collection I just ♥ how bright this color is, it is borderline neon. So fresh, so clean, LOL!!!  Perfect formula, 2 coat coverage and NO STAINING!!!!
 Next is Def Defying!!!! This is probably the my favorite green EVER!!!!! It is a a super bright lime green creme. Such a fun and attention grabbing color:) This is gonna be sooo cute with all the Christmas Manis I have planned:)  The only issue I had is that the formula was slightly thin and pooled a little in the cuticle area, but other than that perfect!!!!
 Last but not least is It's a Trap-eze.   I was probably most excited and let down by this polish.  this polish in theory is great but my first attempt at application was a hott clumpy mess. However, after I added a little thinner to it, smooth sailing:)   I used 1 coat of It's a trap-eze over White and Brava, perfecto:) This polish, like most glitter polish is topcoat hungry and pain in the you know what to get off:)  But definitely worth it!!!
So what do you think??? What are you must haves???
Polishes in this collection can be found at your nearest beauty supply store or ULTA beginning Dec 1, and they retail for $5 - $8 per polish:)
♥ ~ Melissa

Some of the products in this post were sent to me for review. I was not paid for my review of this product and all opinions are my own.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Circus of the Sun aka Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil is pretty flipping awesome but how will it translate into a collection??? Beautifully that is how!!!! Cirque de Soleil translates into Circus of the Sun, and this collection SCREAMS Sunshine:) It is bright and fun and full of color:)
 First up is Escaping Reality, This is my favorite polish from the whole collection.  I ♥ Pink Nails, and this pink is fun and sassy and fits my personality to a T:)  Escaping Reality is a a super bright, but not neon, pink.  This polish is slightly sheer but is a creme not a jelly.  Also with out a topcoat it has a gorgeous rubbery finish.
  And here it is 2 coats with a top coat:) Is this not just the perfect pink:) it makes me want to escape reality and go lay on a beach somewhere tropical in a bikini that matches :)
Next up is Creative Fantasy:)  This is a super bright Purple, it is almost neon but not quite.  This is my Hubby's favorite from the collection (surprised here, usually he goes for the blue or green) and it is easy to see why:) This is a Fun color but still "safe".  It has the same type of formula as Escaping Reality, with that same beautiful rubbery finish:)
 Here is 3 coats of Creative Fantasy with SV topcoat and look at that Shine:) as you can see it is slightly sheer but def not a jelly.
Lastly I have Bend over Backwards, this is a red/orange shimmer polish. This is the one color in the collection that probably threw me, it didn't carry the theme or general pattern of the other polishes in the collection. But that said I LOVE it, especially for fall:) This polish reminds me of falling leaves and warm apple cider:)   Here I have on 2 coats with SV and look how beautiful!!!
So what do you think so far???  I ♥ the bright fun feel of this collection, it is sooo different from the other winter collections that are coming out.  I have 3 more for this collection to show you tomorrow:) you don't wanna miss it:)  Polishes in this collection can be found at your nearest beauty supply store or ULTA  beginning Dec 1, and they retail for $5 - $8 per polish:)
♥ ~ Melissa 
Some of the products in this post were sent to me for review. I was not paid for my review of this product and all opinions are my own.

Monday, November 26, 2012

It Girl:)

Holy Moly, can you believe Thanksgiving is OVER already... Sorry about being MIA for the past couple of days, I have been nursing a nasty Respiratory Infection, that is slowly migrating north and  turning into a sinus infection:(   But I was able to get a couple of Swatches done yesterday, and I couldn't wait to show you:)
First up is Julep Diane, this polish is described as a Dark forest green crème by Julep and that is a spot on summation.  But I think Diane is sooo much more!!!  This polish in indirect light looks black but warmer. It is not as harsh as classic black do does have that same wow look, without coming off as emo.  I have on 2 coats of Diane and how beautiful is she!!!!
 Next up is Leslie, a dark charcoal grey with silver micro flakes.  This polish is beautiful and has a perfect formula:) As beautiful as this polish is it just really isn't my style, I wish this polish was like a super light gray with the same shimmer and I would be all over it!!!
 I think it is because I have seen so many versions of this color lately.  I am wearing 2 coats of Leslie followed by a coat of SV.  I do think this polish would look awesome with some silver stamping overtop of it (I'll see if I can get that done this week) :) Maybe I just need to lighten it up a tad:) 
Last but not least, is my favorite Rachel. This beauty is a rich copper shimmer, with just a hint of micro holo glitters in the sun:) I ♥♥♥ this color, a perfect fall shade.  This polish is very easy to wear, even if you aren't ready to step out and wear wild colors.  It has just enough Red in it to make it a traditional color.
I Love to wear bright, rock your socks off color, but this is a great relaxing color that will still demand your attention:) I am wearing 2 coats of Rachel with a coat of SV and I and in ♥:)
Okay so now you wanna know how you get your hands on these great polishes:) Well you have options:) 1. You can sign you to become a Maven, for $20 a month you have access to the newest polish colors by Julep, you also can skip a month without explanation, and you can send to a friend, you are always guaranteed $40 worth of products each month.  You also get special pricing on merchandise and first access to sales and new products:)   or  2.  You can go to and order the polishes:) but don't forget to put in the coupon code VIP20 to recieve 20% off you purchase of $20 or more:)
♥ ~ Melissa

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Turkey Day:) Gobble Gobble

So this will be a short and sweet post as I am cooking my first big Thanksgiving Day feast:)   To celebrate Thanksgiving on my Nails I did this cute little Turkey Mani.  I used Julep and China Glaze polishes (mixed) because I didn't have the exact color I was looking for. and I ♥♥♥ the way this turned out:)   If you did a Thanksgiving Day Mani I wanna see it Post pics on my WALL:).

Now For the Things I am Thankful for:)
My Savior Jesus Christ
My Husband
My Son
My 3 fur babies
My Family, Friends, and ♥'ed Ones
and Polish, Polish, Polish
Now Tell me what you are thankful for:) and Have a Happy Thanksgiving:)
♥ ~ Melissa

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


So I have been hearing the term 'Glequins' for a couple of months now, it is the large hex glitters that are placed individually on the nail to create patterns and designs:) And the lucky duck that I am, I got a chance to review some from the Born Pretty Store:) this is the set I got and you can get yours here.
12 Colors Nail Art Shiny Glitter Powder Sheets Tips Tool
Glequins 12 color choices for $5.35

Now I don't know about you but I love the look these give, and you don't have to be able to paint a straight line:)   The first mani I used the 'Glequins' on was something I had seen done before.  A honeycomb pattern and nail outline.  I used Essie No More Film, a rich purple/blue creme with the light green 'Glequins'. Application was super easy, while my polish was still tacky, I applied the 'Glequins' with the slightly damp pointed end of a orange stick. After 2 coats of gelous and a coat of SV, it was super smooth:)

The next mani I tried my hand at started with a base of Chirality Apollonia, (probably the prettiest purple polish I own).  I first did a stripe of silver striping tape down the side of my nail, then lined 'Glequins' down the outside of the stripe.  2 coats of gelous and 2 coats of SV(b/c of the striping tape) and ta-da!!!!  How fabulous is this mani!!!!

So what do you guys think of the 'Glequins' look???  Wanna try it??? Click the Pic below to get 10% off of your order today!!!!

 ♥ ~ Melissa

Some of the products in this post were sent to me for review. I was not paid for my review of this product and all opinions are my own.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Santa Claws GRRRRRR

Happy Monday Everyone!!!! Mine has been a big pain in the you know what!!!! I just hope today is not an indication of what this week will be like...  But anyway on to something fun and positive:) Part 2 of Jindie Nails Santa Claws Collection:)
 Starting off is my favorite polish from the Entire collection Just Elfing Around.. This polish has all sizes of glitters in matte pastel green, red and white along with silver holographic glitters as well.  I think what makes this particular polish so different is the use of pastel green, it is just gorgeous!!!  I layered 1 coat over Sinful Colors Jungle Trail followed with a coat of Gelous and SV.  STUNNING!!! 
 Next is Silent Night, this is a  deep royal blue jelly with a purple shimmer, holographic stars and moons and other various shapes of holo and iridescent glitters inter-mingle in this polish.  Now the consistency of this polish is a little thick, and the larger Glitters don't really like to come out of the bottle.
This just proves one thing, Jen @Jindie Nails is upfront about everything!!! Reading the description of Silent Night, She is accurate in her description so I was not surprised or disappointed, but I knew exactly what to expect.  That is True Customer Service and Kudos to you Jen!!!!   Now how beautiful is this polish, I am wearing 2 coats here with a coat of Gelous and SV (fair warning because this polish is on the thicker side allow extra drying time).
Next is Santa Claws. This is such a different polish I haven't decided if I like it or not. But I do think I need a different pairing.
 I have it here over Essie Marshmellow. This is a matte white, black, red and green square glitters in clear base. This polish is a great layering I really wanna try it in a jelly sandwich:)
So what do you think of the Santa Claws Collection???  I ♥ it.  I know you want the collection now so here are all of your links to get it:) And Don't forget to show some LOVE!!!! 
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♥ ~ Melissa

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Santa Claws RAWR!!!!

Oooh what a past couple of day's it has been. I am in the final weeks of school (thank goodness) and I am gearing up to cook my first Thanksgiving meal:) Wish me luck!!!! But for now I get to show you guys 4 polishes from a polish collection I have been anticipating for what seems like forever:)  Welcome to the Santa Claws Collection by Jindie Nails.
First up is Holly, as in a Holly Bush:) She has matte white, matte green and scattered matte red berries in a clear base with green sparkle added to it. This polish is Gorgeous!!!!  I layered one coat of Holly over China Glaze Red Satin, just look at that beautiful combo:)
Next up is Noel, To me this polish is like christmas floam:) It is jam packed with neon green, white and red matte glitters and green sparkles in clear base. I am wearing two coats of Noel followed by a coat of gelous and SV.  How sweet is this polish!!!
 Now if you didn't know, Noel is just another word for Christmas, it is a french word that is derived from the Latin translation meaning "day of birth".  Now how is that for your daily history lesson:)
 Next we have one of my favs from the Collection:) Kiss me under the Mistletoe  this is a juicy true red jelly with dark emerald green holo, red holo, lime green holo plus silver & gold holo hex added to it. This polish is super easy to apply and just look at that finish!!!! 
I ♥ Red Polishes, and this one just took my breath away!!!! This polish has a perfect glitter ratio's:) No worrying about picking up glitter or having to place glitter here:) 
The last polish tonight is Candy Cane,   this polish has a white crelly (cream/jelly) base with matte large and medium hex, red metallic and green metallic hex, and it is completely gorgeous!!!!
I used two coats of Candy Cane, and I didn't have to place a single glitter:)  That is complete Awesome sauce right there!!!  This polish totally reminds me of a candy cane too:) It doesn't look all that fab with my skin tone (I think I am too pasty for it) but I ♥ it anyway!!!! 
So what do you think of the Santa Claws Collection so far????  I have three more for you tomorrow!!!!  But I know it is sooo awesome you wanna go buy the collection right now soo here you go:) and Don't forget to show the LOVE!!!!

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♥ ~ Melissa

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Holiday Joy 2:)

Happy Tuesday:) Is anybody as ready for Friday already as I am!!!! Between School, and Keeping up a house, laundry, work, and then add on being a Mommy and Wifey it can get super overwhelming!!!!  But I ♥ every minute of it and wouldn't trade it for anything!!!! Sooooo I have two more polishes from the China Glaze Holiday Joy Collection:) And these two polishes do not disappoint. 
 First is Red Satin, or it could be called Fire Engine Red because that is exactly how vivid this polish is!!!! This polish is a bright creme red, with a fabulous formula:) It has slight cuticle staining issues, but nothing to overwhelming. 
 I used two coats of Red Satin here followed with one coat of SV, and just look at how gorgeous this polish is!!!!  This polish has slight blue undertones vs orange or pink this prevents it from looking trampy, but this is not a color for the red shy.
Next up is Pure Joy.  This polish is the one that I was expecting to not really care for and surprise It's my favorite. The pictures don't even begin to to the justice this polish deserves. This polish is a mass of rich red glitter and a sprinkling of gold glitter.   
I used 2 coats of Red satin followed by one coat of Pure Joy, a coat of Gelous, and a coat of SV.  This polish give the illusion of many layers of polish. This polish is eyecatching but not overpowering (pretty unique for a red) and has just the right amount of sass:)  So what do you think, and What is your favorite Christmas color combo???
♥ ~ Melissa
Some of the products in this post were sent to me for review. I was not paid for my review of this product and all opinions are my own.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Holiday Joy

I can't hardly believe it is almost Thanksgiving!!! Like next week almost here!!!! Where has the time gone????  Annnnywhooooo, with the Holidays swiftly approaching, it could only mean one thing. That's right Holiday collections:) This means a ton of red, green, blue, gold, and silver toned nails:) Which is just fine by me:) Now I wanna show you a couple of beauties from China Glaze Holiday Joy Collection.
To start take a look at Merry Berry.  This little gem is a deep berry red, with a rich creamy finish. This polish practically screams opulance!!!! It is a classic red without being a hooker red.  Not dark enough to be considered vampy, but even if you are red shy you could pull this color off!!!
 I have on two coats of Merry Berry, followed with a coat of SV. It was slightly streaky on the first coat but self-leveled on coat 2 and just look at that finish!!!!  Regular drying time with no staining on the cuticles, a feature that I ♥ in this polish, and is super hard to find in rich reds like this.
 Next up is Angel Wings, a gold scattered holographic glitter bomb:) This beauty is easy to work with and definitely eye catching.  The formula is slightly streaky on the first coat and it did require 3 thin coats for full coverage. It had a fine grit sandpaper type of finish without a topcoat, (I have a inkling that this is the type of finish OPI is going for with the liquid sand finish coming out the first of next year).
 This polish is a great addition to any holiday outfit you have planned or would be FABULOUS as an accent nail:)  Polishes in this collection can be found at your nearest beauty supply store or ULTA and they retail for $5 - $8 per polish:)  I will have two more from this collection tomorrow so stay tuned!!!!
♥ ~ Melissa

Some of the products in this post were sent to me for review. I was not paid for my review of this product and all opinions are my own.