Monday, January 16, 2017

Snowflake Gradient

Hi, Dolls!!! So we had our first and probably only snow last weekend (turned out to be more ice than anything) but we did have some awesome visible actual snowflakes toward the end of it!!!  This is the first time I had actually seen a "traditional" snowflake so I was pretty excited!!! So of course I had to do a mani inspired by it!!!

I did a base of white and a gradient of China Glaze So Blue Without You (this gem is from their holiday collection 2013)! I then stamped on some white snowflakes using Ejiubas EJB-
03. Followed it all up with a coat of SV!!!

 I love the way this turned out!!! and this China Glaze is one of my favorites, it has a foil like finish and is such a bright color:)  

Here is a pic I snapped of the snow flakes:) 

 🎔 Melissa

Monday, January 9, 2017

Zoya Naturel 3

Hi Dolls:) I know have been away for a while, so a quick update on what is going on with me... Well the holidays are always hectic at my house; trying to get everything done, presents wrapped, goodies baked and a houseful of family. Right after Christmas I had surgery on my right foot and have been laid up on the couch for the past 2 weeks!!! Good news is I get my stitches out Wednesday and I have no more pain in my foot!!! I am trying to get back into my groove of painting and posting and hopefully I will get there soon!!!  But for now I have the newest transitional collection from Zoya, Naturel 3:) 

*press sample*

First up is Gina, a medium chocolate brown that is just slightly dusty! Like those perfect brownies that you can't say no to, Gina is perfect but no risk of breaking that resolution to eat healthier!  

 Debbie, is a plum brown creme:) This is one of those colors that you think is one color until you see it in direct light and realize it is a totally different color... like those boots that are totally black in your closet but turn out to be a really dark brown as soon as you step outside!

 Mary, is a medium raisin creme! This beauty is a lighter version of Debbie:) Not quite brown, but now quite plum... a perfect in-between!!!

 Jill, a light mauve creme that is just slightly rosy. Jill did funny things to my skin tone and even though you can't see it in the pics, it made my hands red. Jill is very traditional and makes me think of Downton Abbey for some reason.

 Cathy is described as a light pinky nude creme, and in the bottle this statement is as true as they come. However when I put Cathy on I could really see the yellow/beige undertone:( This looks awful on me and I don't mind saying so!

 Tatum, is a beige nude creme. This beauty is neutral and warm and just a little lighter than nude. A great palette cleanser polish, you know that color you wear that still looks polished without being distracting!

This collection also has 3 coordinating lipsticks!!!! Maxwell is a deep plum with a slight fuchsia fleck and a matte finish! Paisley is a nice blush color that is slightly sheer with a classic cream finish.  Cameron is a slightly beige leaning nude with a classic cream finish:) 
I love the idea of this whole collection! Like all neutrals, some will just not work for you and some will work perfectly!!! And now would be a great time to grab a few from this collection. Zoya is running a great promo right now, ANY 4 Lipsticks or Polishes for FREE with a $15 S&P charge or absolutely free with any $30 purchase!!!!  Like I said a great time to grab a few!!!

🎔 Melissa

*Press Sample: Some of the products in this post were sent to me for review. I was not paid for my review of this product and all opinions are my own*

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Red Gradient and Gold Stamping

Hi Dolls:) So today I have a festive Fall mani for you, even though Fall is almost over:(  For this mani I used a base of Zoya Janel and did an added gradient of Courtney. I then stamped on a feather design using Essie Good as Gold and Ejiubas Plate EJB-01.

Lately I have become a bit wary of full nail stamping on all nails, mostly because I generally think less is more. Also it seems that nail trends are changing as I am seeing less and less full-on Nail Art mani's. But at the same time I think that trends are a waste and you should do whatever you want on your nails!!!!  

❤ Melissa

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Seas and Greetings

Hey Dolls!!! Hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving Holiday!!! So today I have the unconventional Holiday Collection from China Glaze:) Seas and Greetings, is a tropical take on traditional holiday classics that will make you want to jet away to a white sand beach with crystal blue waters.
*press sample*
First up is the namesake of this collection, Seas and Greetings. This beauty is a medium purple with an intense pink shimmer. The formula was a little thin but builds up easily:) 

Eat, Pink, Be Merry is a gorgeous pale pink with a bright pink shimmer:) Again formula is a little thin, here are 3 coats.

Joy to the Waves is a serene light blue shimmer, that has a slight metallic quality. 

Let's Shell-ebrate, is a explosion of purple and gold glitter in an variety of sizes in a clear base.  This does cover really nicely, here are 3 coats:) 

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Starfish, is a pale green micro glitter bomb in a clear base:) Again excellent coverage, so full of glitter it almost appears to be a metallic:) 

Good Tide-ings, is a cool blue lavender creme! This one has great pigmentation and great coverage:) Here is 2 coats!

Sand in my Mistletoes, is a pale peach creme. I love this color but, it does something very funny to my skin tone :/

Warm Wishes, is a brilliant watermelon pink with a slight silver shimmer.

Tis the Sea-Sun, is a orange leaning coral creme:) That is brighter in person! Here are 2 coats.

Snow Way, is a beautiful iridescent whiten with a heavy pink shimmer:) If you liked Pearl Jammin' from the Rebel Collection, you will love this!

Partridge in a Palm Tree, is an aqua green with a slight shimmer that has a matte finish:) The formula is a little thick and dries super quick, beautiful but a little hard to work with:(

The More the Berrier, is a metallic magenta with a hot pink shimmer!

I love this entire collection! I like the fresh tropical take on the traditional:) I was very happy with the formulas for most of the colors, but I feel like the shimmers could have been more pigmented, and the matte was very finicky! This collection is available at Sally's Beauty Supply now!!! My faves are Eat, Pink, Be Merry, Snow Way and Tis the Sea-Sun:) 

❤ Melissa

*Press Sample: Some of the products in this post were sent to me for review. I was not paid for my review of this product and all opinions are my own*

Friday, November 11, 2016

Zoya Enchanted Swatches and Review

Hi Dolls:) Today I have the New Enchanted Collection from Zoya to share with you!!! This Collection has 2 color shifting metallics and 4 new pixie dust texture polishes.
*press sample*
First up is Olivera, She is a majestic indigo based color flip metallic that flashes deep green and purple:) Now depending on the light and angle this beauty flips from a dark indigo to a deep green both with a purple flash!

 Saint is a rich shimmery cornflower/periwinkle blue that has an intense magenta flash. He doesn't shift colors like Olivera does, but his flash is fantastic even though it doesn't translate in the pics.

 Next is Alice:) She is an intense perwinkle pixie, with fabulous magenta, blue and silver sparkles!!! 

 Lorna is deep berry magenta pixie:) She shows her mysterious side with pink and plum colored sparkles:)

This is  Elphie! She is a deep emerald green pixie with light and dark green sparkles!

 Waverly, in all of his handsomeness,  is a rich sapphire blue with cobalt and navy sparkles! 

Like all pixie dust polishes these have a texture similar to a heavy grit nail file with a perfect matte finish. The depth of these can really be seen with a top coat added and then they take on an almost gem like sparkle! All swatches are 2 coats:)  The formula on all of these was exactly what I expect from Zoya, Perfect! Drying time for the pixies was right on point with past pixies (approx 10 min to full matte, 30 to complete set) My faves are Olivera, Elphie and Waverly the richness of these colors is perfect for the Holiday season!!! All are available on for $10:)

♥ Melissa

*Press Sample: Some of the products in this post were sent to me for review. I was not paid for my review of this product and all opinions are my own*