Saturday, September 22, 2012

Surfin' for Boys

Surfin for Boys was not the first Polish in the China Glaze Summer Neon Collection to catch my eye. In fact, I didn't even think twice about it until it went on sale at Sally's, even then I almost passed on it but my hubby said "ohhh I like it", so I thought what the heck.

This polish is a neon red/pink shimmer with heavy orange undertones,  be careful  to shake the bottle good, the shimmer settles BAD!!!  It is very pigmented though and covers completely in 2 coats, almost unheard of with neon.

I added some leopard spots on my accent nail with Color Club Worth the Risque, and Sinful Colors Black on Black.

I am super happy I didn't pass on this:) it is a great bright color and look fabulous as a pedicure color!!!  I also learned that my hubby is right, every now and then:)

♥ ~ Melissa


  1. I LOVE this color, but found it took forever to dry! Even with a fast dry top coat.

  2. I was debating about getting this polish. It looks so good on you! :D


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