Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Gradient with a little Glitter:)

Sorry I have been away for soooo long:(  I have missed you dolls!!!! I swear the "Virus Monster" has been stalking my house since before Christmas!!! If it's not me (going on 2 weeks here of coughing and congestion) it's my hubby or my son (both huge babies when sick)!!! Then you add on disinfecting my house over and over again and I have been a busy little bee:)  and with all that cleaning you can probably guess the damage it did to my nails, I'm down to nubbins:(  So I have a mani I did right before new years to show you!!!

I did a basic gradient with White faded into Pink (Zoya Yana, the perfect bright pink) and well it was New Years and I need a little glam/rebel so I added a coat of Trelly's MISC Polish in Never Growing Up.  It was the perfect addition to this mani!!!!

So how are you ladies fairing during Cold and Flu Season, all I can say is I am sooo ready for warmer weather!!! But alas it will be a while, as of right now I am listening to sleet and ice bounce off the windows and the Snow is moving in... 8-14 inches is what we are expected to get and for Eastern NC that is just CRAZY!!!!

♥ ~ Melissa


  1. So cute! I really love this color combination! :) The pink makes it so pretty!

  2. Wow, never seen a "gradient" before. How do you do that?? It looks awesome!


Thank you for your comments:) Have a pinked day:)