Monday, October 29, 2012

Bloody Nails:)

One Day Closer to Halloween:) I have had so much fun experimenting with Halloween mani's this year I almost can't wait till next year already.  I decided to do some bloody nails to keep with the spirit.
 I wanted a bright/jellyish red and I didn't have one:(  but that didn't deter me.  So I mixed Julep Molly, a super bright creme red,  and Essie Skirting the Issue, a dark vampy jelly red and the mix gave me this:)
 I created the drips with my large dotting tool moving from the drip to the tip of my nail, not completely mixing the two colors in order to give more depth to the effect. This is sooo cool to me:)
So what has been your favorite Halloween mani that you have seen so far???? Leave me links cause I wanna see too:)  Trick or Treat:)
♥ ~ Melissa

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  1. I can't for the life of me get the drip effect! For Halloween I did white nails with a red splatter, like a violent crime scene, lol. I liked it, but my red (the only red I own) was a little bit pink in some light, I should've mixed a dark orange to darken it up a little.


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