Tuesday, October 2, 2012


  So I know I have been super Slack about posting lately, SORRY!!!! Homework is kicking my butt!!!! But hey it's my Last semester, so I got this right!!!!! So Tonight I am reviewing a Fabulous polish by Femme Fatale called Very Berry-licious!!! But First I have to So you guys the adorable packaging!!!
And check out that AWESOME business card!!!!! I Love It!!!!
Now for Very Berry-licious:)  This polish is a red/pink jelly polish with small black glitters and a smattering of larger red glitters (they have a slight reflective curl, but lay flat on the nail) 

This is such a cute polish it reminds me of the skin of a Strawberry, but I have a feeling that is exactly how it was designed:)  I used 3 coats of Very Berry-licious followed with a coat of SV to Shine it up:)  I had no problems with glitter pick up or uneven coats (so rare with Jelly polishes). The dry time was normal, and it wasn't a top coat eater:)!!!!!!
How Juicy does this look???  I am definitely gonna use this Polish in some strawberry nail art:) My favorite part of Jelly polishes is how they look wet:) and this doesn't disappoint!!!
All Femme Fatale Laquers are available in minis and only cost $4 per.You can buy them from her store here:)
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♥ ~ Melissa
Some of the products in this post were sent to me for review. I was not paid for my review of this product and all opinions are my own.


  1. I have this one, saving it for my glitter challenge day. Thanks for the swatch!


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