Monday, August 6, 2012

Deviantly Daring with Gold Foil!!!!

So for today's Mani I used one of my Copious Scores!!!! I mean really a penny for this awesome color!!!! You can't beat it!!!! If you haven't signed up you can HERE:)  Did I mention that when you sign up you get $10 in free credits!!!!  The Polish I used is from China Glaze's New Bohemian Luster Chrome Collection this fab color is called "Deviantly Daring",  a very shimmery blue green. Beware this polish will streak and leave brush strokes:) It is very opaque and you get complete coverage in one coat (probably a good stamping polish, although I haven't tried it yet). 

 I have been wanting to try more things with my foils, so I decided I would try and stamp them. MASSIVE FAIL!!!! The adhesive smears really bad so that is a NO GO!!!!  So I decided a little free hand was in order. and it is a WIN!!! I wanted some gold zebra type stripes kinda rustic and messy and that is exactly what I got!!! I Love it!!!!

 I used SV as the top coat, hoping it would crackle more, but guess what it didn't:)  So WIN there too!!! As I have been trying to find a top coat that doesn't crinkle it as bad. So what do you guys think??? Do you use foils??? What is your favorite thing to do with them???


  1. Such a gorgeous color! I love the look with the foil.

    1. The pics really don't do it justice:) It is much prettier in person:)

  2. Oh this color is gorgeous even if it is brush stroke-y!

  3. Great job! Yeah I had a lot of trouble with foil on my nails :/


Thank you for your comments:) Have a pinked day:)