Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Try it on Tuesday... Revlon Jelly

Try it on Tuesday Featuring Revlon "Jelly". So when I bought this polish a while ago and I thought it was a "jelly" polish.... I was soooo wrong:(  I wasn't really paying attention, it was in a twin pack that held "Cloud" a light blue/purple, which is the polish I was paying attention to. I have seen this "color" a million times and thought well if it is a jelly it will be great in jelly sandwiches.  Well today I realized  this is not a "jelly" polish, it is just a red/pink creme with a nice finish.  I then brought out my swatch wheels, because I just knew I had seen this polish before... It is an exact dupe of Julep "Rose".  "Jelly" is kinda streaky but fast drying and evens out after the second coat. 

Inside Flash

Outside Sunny

So what did you try on today??? Let me know:)

♥ ~ Melissa


  1. Pretty color! Very bright and cheerful looking :)

  2. Here's what I tried today =)


  3. Pretty color. I really like Revlon polishes. Here is what I did today for TIOT.


  4. Hehe even though it's not a jelly, it's definitely really pretty!


Thank you for your comments:) Have a pinked day:)