Monday, August 27, 2012

Sparkle Aplenty

Today while browsing my local Walgreens, I saw a new display (Exciting for me cause I'm in there 3 times a week:) Revlon's Fall Runway "Limited Edition"  Sparkle Aplenty was calling to me.  I am a sucker for Glitter so I HAD to get it, plus it was on sale:)

Sparkle Aplenty is a Black Jelly with Silver and Black Hex's and small Glitters.  This polish does anything but sparkle aplenty:(  The formula on this polish is bad!!!!  It's almost like it has too much Glitter, which makes it very clumpy.  The Jelly Base is streaky(even after three coats), and without a top coat it has almost a matte finish.

  I haven't given up quite yet on this polish. But I will be putting it on the shelf for a while... at least until I get the images of this clumpy mess out of my head... Do you have this Polish??? Did I just get a bad bottle???

♥ ~ Melissa

update 8/30  After talking with several other bloggers I have determined that I probably got a bad bottle:( I have contacted Revlon and will keep you updated:)


  1. Oh no! It does look like a pretty polish though..

    1. It wold be it's just almost impossible to work with:( i am gonna try it over black and see if I get better results.


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