Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Neutral with a Twist:)

Happy Hump Day Dolls:) So last week was a crazy hot mess in my life, and with all the craziness I needed a neutral palette cleansing polish to calm me down (a little).  Well that lasted a total of about six hours before I needed to add a little something extra to my mani:)  For my neutral polish I went for one of my favorite OPI's ever!!! Skull and Glossbones:) This polish is a creamy grey beige is a perfect palette cleanser; it is a little thin at first but builds nicely by the second coat.  The little something extra is Chirality The Symbiote, this polish is a dark charcoal grey holo, that leans warm instead of cool!!! And as you can clearly see they are a perfect match:)
 Now this is where the twist comes in:) Just a flash of direct light and this mani comes alive:) Holo's like The Symbiote are my favorite, rich deep color in regular light but add some sunshine or a flash and BAM, knock your socks off Gorgeous!!!
 Alright Ladies, that is all for tonight:) but do stay tuned I have the new Zoya Pixie Dust's swatches to show you later this week and some Nail Art (yes, you heard right nail art) and I'm quite proud of it:)
♥ Melissa

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  1. Just love this mani, the contrast between both color as well as creme to holo is absolutely stunning. LOVE!


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