Sunday, December 30, 2012

A debate... 2012 the best of

 So I have been in a debate with myself on how to end the year blogging, do I do a best of, or my favorites??? If I do my favorites what are they, how do I decide????  The simple fact is I would give you guys a little insight on my life as a blogger, with a few of my faves in between.

My very first blog mani, wow look at those nubbins:)
Several months ago I was inspired to start a blog, (you can thank my hubby for this one). Little did I know about blogging, taking pics, reviewing, or the fabulous community I was entering into. I just knew that I had a passion and love for nail polish that my local Walgreens could not satisfy.
I still love this mani, It was one of the first ones I did with my dotting tools:)

What I have learned this year about the fabulous world of nail polish is:

There will always be DRAMA, it is how you react to it that shows your true character.  From Indie makers gone rouge, to the travesty that is a "group buy", to the hate some can show over cuticles. 
Striping tape is way harder to work with than what I initially thought

Just because they are similar, does not mean you don't need them all:) I probably have a dozen or so of bright pinks that are so close you would need a microscope to distinguish between them.  But they are not dupes so they stay:)
This is the mani on pinterest that started my love of all things polish!!!

Blogger Review Samples - Who knew there was such a thing, not I.  The first time I was contacted about a doing a review I was floored, honored, and overwhelmed.  I consider it a privilege not a right to review products, and I am honored every time I get the chance.
My first time wearing black tips, I still feel weird about them.
Finishes are just as important as color.  Whether it is crème, matte, shimmer, metallic, glitter, flakie or jelly, the finish can make or break the polish.
This mani is one of my all time favorites. I just loved the way matte changed the whole look of this polish!!!

Nail Care - Cuticle care requires no cutting and daily attention.  Nail shape is a personal decision whether it is square, oval, round, or stiletto.  Biotin is your nails best friend! and toothpaste can whiten yellow nails.
My no H8 day mani, I'm still shocked by how good this turned out:)

The community of polish addicts is by far some of the best women that I have ever met!!!!  They are generous with their knowledge as well as their friendship. I feel privileged to know and call some of these ladies friends.
I Love these dots!!!

Free hand art is waaaay harder than it looks, those ladies have mad skills!!!!
This mani took me every bit of 2 hrs to do:/

Stamping takes practice!!!! A good top coat and some tape can fix a stamping fail in a flash.
Inspiration can come from anywhere, this came from curtains.

Watermarbles are beautiful, but can be a huge pain in the butt.

Now for some fun facts about me:)

My current stash is 300+ and continues to grow with every trip to Sally's, Ulta, and Sephora.

I am not good at free hand, but I will give it a try every now and then.

My favorite color of polish is red:) I have at least 25 different reds:)
I Love holo polishes!!!!
 Seche Vite is my go to topcoat!
That is all for now dolls. I wish you all a very happy 2013!!!!
♥ ~ Melissa

Best in beauty this week:)

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    ♥ ~ Melissa

Saturday, December 29, 2012

windestine... a collection

Hi Guys:)  Did you miss me???? I sure did miss you guys!!!!  I hope you all had a very merry Christmas, I did!!! It is sooo funny how the enthusiasm that kids have over Christmas can rub off on the adults and spread that Christmas cheer!!! But after Christmas my house got hit with a stomach bug:( Not cool Santa!!! I don't remember viral contagions being on my list this year!!! Anyway on to the goodies:)  I have some beautiful polishes from Windestine to show you:)  First up is Twirling Upwards, this fabulous polish is an apricot color with a microflake pink shimmer to it, with an infusion of gold glitter. This polish has a fabulous formula and is super smooth:) I have two coats followed with a coat of SV, this doesn't appear to be a topcoat eater either:)

Next up we have Inner Glow, this creamy sandy tan has a gold/silver micro shimmer to it that really does make it glow. This is a really good nude polish, it has just enough shimmer to not be boring.  Again a great formula, I used two coats and 1 coat of SV, it dried in a flash too!

This polish was probably the biggest surprise out of this bunch for me. I am not a huge brown fan, I may have a total of 3 in my whole collection:) but this I L♥VE!!!  It has a slight pink shimmer hidden that you only see in certain lights and from certain angles.  Total coverage in two coats.  I cant wait to use this as a stamping base:)

Jaquimo (I have no idea how to pronounce this) but this is a light pink/coral/peach with a white/silver microflake. This is a beautiful polish and one I thought I would love, but it washes my skin out:(  but maybe once I get my pasty self a tan it will look fab:) This polish gets full coverage with 2 coats, and would look great with a silver stamp:)
Crushed Rose is a glitter top coat that has light pink and white shards mixed with yellow, pink and white pearl glitters in a clear base.  When I look at this polish I just envision a little girl on Easter Sunday in her little pink and white dress.  This is such a springy glitter, I can't wait for the weather to get a little warmer:)
Finally we have Pond Patrol. This polish has a dark green jelly base with a mix of pastel matte glitters and tiny bright pink glitters.  This polish is definitely reminiscent of an algae bloom in a pond.  It is not a traditionally pretty polish, but the longer I wore it the more I ♥'ed  it:) This polish definitely needs a top coat, but the glitter distribution is excellent:)
All the fabulous polish are available on Etsy for $8 for a full size or $3 for a mini. Oh and stay tuned a little birdy told me that Freda over at windestine has a new collection premiering in January:)   Don't for get to show the ♥ over on her Facebook Page:) 

♥ ~ Melissa
Some of the products in this post were sent to me for review. I was not paid for my review of this product and all opinions are my own.

Monday, December 24, 2012

On the 11th and 12th days of Christmas...

I did a simple taped Christmas Tree for my last Christmas Mani:) I am soo excited for Christmas this year, my little boy is almost 5 and his excitement is contagious!!!!
 For this simple mani I used Zoya Elisa as my base, and Zoya Logan for my tree, I then dusted on some loose glitter from the Born Pretty Store and top my tree with 1 gold glequin.
Christmas to me is first and foremost the Birthday celebration of a little baby boy that would grow into my Savior.  I know not everyone believes the same way I do, but this is the reason I celebrate:) Why do you?
Merry Christmas!!!!
♥ ~ Melissa

Saturday, December 22, 2012

On the 9th and 10th days of Christmas..

I rocked some Mrs. Claws by Jindie Nails:) Now when I started the 12 days of christmas I had the full intention of doing a new christmas nail post EVERY day, but like everything something always comes up:)  But today I am sporting Mrs. Claws a beautiful dark pink holo:) I ♥ this color especially the way it looks in the sunlight:)
And for fun I add Black Cat Lacquer Strangelove on top and WOW, what a combo:) Strangelove is an infusion of fuchsia & lilac holo glitters of all shapes and sizes:)
Now Mrs. Claws is part of the Santa Claws Collection for Jindie Nails and it is a limited quanity item and retails for $12, so if you want it you better get it fast!!!! And Strangelove is part of the Winter Collection for Black Cat Lacquer and retails for $9:)  Only 2 days to go!!!!
♥ ~ Melissa

Friday, December 21, 2012

The Best in Beauty this week!!!

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♥ ~ Melissa

Thursday, December 20, 2012

On the 7th and 8th days of Christmas...

I was tired and wore the same mani 2 days in a row:) OMG... I know:) Well at least it was a super cute mani:) I free handed some holly leaves and had some simple white tips and BLAM!!!
 Nothing too fancy I used China Glaze Red Satin for the berries, Zoya Logan for the leaves, and Sinful Colors Snow Me White for the tips.
Sorry this is super short, but I have hurt my back in a bad way and sitting too long aggravates it:( Christmas is a short 4 days away)
♥ ~ Melissa

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Zoya Spring Collection!!!

Zoya Lovely
Beauty is a lovely state of mind
Lovely, just LOVELY!
Spring is awash in six soft and lovely new Zoya shades including three dewy metallics and three fresh blooms of cream. Poetic in nature, this collection is sure to capture the beauty of the season like no other....
Zoya Lovely – spRING 2013
Piaf  - Fresh Forsythia Yellow Metallic
 (Originally designed for Fashion Designer Zang Toi)
GeiGei - Blushing Cherry Blossom Pink Metallic
(Originally designed for Zang Toi/SS13).
Julie  - Soft Wisteria Purple Metallic
(Originally designed for Zang Toi/SS13).
Blu  - Lucky Hyacinth Blue Cream
Neely  - Earliest Spring Green Cream
(Originally designed for Peter Som)
Jacqueline  - Perfect Magnolia Nude Cream
(Originally designed for Peter Som/SS13)
Zoya Lovely will retail for $8 (US)
Follow theZoya Nail Polish and Treatments Blog and stay tuned on Twitter (@Zoyanailpolish) andFacebook for release date updates.
Hashtags: #ZoyaLovely and #nailpolish.
And as always, ultra long-wearing, nail lacquers by Zoya are BIG5FREE - all formulas are completely free of harmful industrialchemicals such as toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and dibutyl phthalate (DBP)that are known to cause cancer and birth defects

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

On the Sixth Day of Christmas...

I was sporting a green and gold gradient:)  This was such a quick easy mani, my first inclination was to do a red/silver gradient but then I went looking in my stash and Zoya Logan kinda jumped out at me (like literally fell of the shelf) and I thought ohhh a green gold gradient because of the pretty gold flecks in Logan:) and Bam just like that inspiration:)
This Fabulous green is Zoya Logan from the Ornate Collection and the Gold is China Glaze Angel Wings from the Holiday Joy Collection. These polishes look soo great together:) and it is a great variation but still keeping in the traditional holiday colors:)
 So are you guys already for Christmas??? I am NOT even close:( I have a few more things to pick up and then the wrapping begins...  But just remember Jesus is the reason for this very special season not the presents or food or parties.
♥ ~ Melissa

Monday, December 17, 2012

On the Fifth day of Christmas

I wore dotted Christmas trees on my hands!!!  I have see a couple of variations of this mani over the past couple of days, this is probably the mani I ♥ the most:)  It is a simple but cute design and eye catching:)  
For this mani I used China Glaze Red Satin, this is the perfect Red and complete coverage in 2 coats. For my accent nail I used 2 coats of  Sinful Color Snow me White, the light green is China Glaze Def Defying and the dark green is Sinful Color Exotic Green.
Now for a Christmas Memory...  Every year we would all pile in the car and drive around town and look for the best, brightest and tackiest!!!!   and you know what I mean by tackiest (Griswalds kind of tacky).  I still Love to do this!!!! listen to Christmas songs and see the amazement on my little boy's face looking at the lights:) and if you needed a reminder
7 days till Christmas....
♥ ~ Melissa

Win your very own big box of Julep Goodies

Enter to win a BIG BOX of JULEP GOODIES!!!! and Win one for me too:) click on the pic below and enter to win this huge box of Julep goodies and If you tell them I sent you I could win too:)
Everything you need to pamper your fingers and toes.

Good Luck and Merry Christmas!!!!

♥ ~ Melissa

Sunday, December 16, 2012

On the Fourth day of Christmas...

I'm just elfing around... actually I am wearing Just elfing around by the fabulous Jindie Nails (you can see my review here). This is my favorite polish out of the Jindie Nail Santa Claws Collection and you can see why:)
I think what make this sooo different is the light green glitters in it and it just sparkles in the sunlight:)  I put Just elfing around over Zoya Rehka and just gorgeous!!!! I do like my original combo over gray better but I thought over red was way more festive:)
Stay tuned tomorrow for dotted Christmas trees and some of my favorite Christmas Traditions and memories!!!!
♥ ~ Melissa

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♥ ~ Melissa

Saturday, December 15, 2012

On the Third Day of Christmas...

We have Christmas Lights:) Oh how I ♥ Christmas Lights, all bright and shiny in the night sky.   Driving around looking at Christmas lights is part of some of my favorite childhood memories.  But as it is Saturday and I have been out shopping all day this post will be super quick:)
I taped some white tips using Sinful Colors Snow Me White, and painted the wire with Sinful colors Black on Black.  For the Lights I used Zoya Song, Zoya Rehka, Julep Daisy, and Klean Colors Green Grass:) What are some of your favorite childhood Christmas memories????
♥ ~ Melissa

Friday, December 14, 2012

On the Second day of Christmas...

I wore a Fabulous Mani featuring the New Color Club Halo Hues Blue Heaven:) I am the Lucky duck that won this whole Collection from Kaki @ Glitter Obsession!!!! and I couldn't be more blown away!!!!  I have been wanting these beauties since they came out, but I couldn't find them anywhere :(.  They were even sold out online when ever I went to buy them...  It's plain to see why!!!
 I did a simple Snowflake design using Sinful Colors Snow me white as my base.  I must say free hand art is sooo not my forte`.... But I think I did a pretty good job on this one:)  I Just Love the way the snow flakes sparkle in the sunlight, It makes my heart smile:)  
If you don't have this collection, you need it!!!! Every single polish is absolutely gorgeous!!!  Tomorrow I have a Christmas Lights Mani so stay tuned:)
♥ ~ Melissa

Thursday, December 13, 2012

On the first day of Christmas...

My true love gave to me Julep's new green polish Emilie:)  This Polish wasn't given to me by my true love, but I do ♥ it!!!! Emilie is a medium creme green with a slight lean toward smoky, And definently not as teal looking as the pics... I don't know what happened there...
 This polish is fantastic, I have on 2 coats followed with a coat of SV and BAM!!!  Beware this polish has slight staining issues, is a little on the thin side I had slight pooling in the cuticle area:( But it is absolutely gorgeous.
 Now it being the Christmas Season I wanted to get in the spirit:)  So I added Born Pretty Glequins in red, just on my tips. This look is slightly Gaudy, and def not for the faint of heart, but is sooo much fun:)
Now I have deals for you:) If you are not a Julep Maven you should be,  You can sign you to become a Maven, for $20 a month you have access to the newest polish colors by Julep, and don't forget enter discount code VIP20  to receive 20% off on purchases of $20 or more at and many other perks!!!! And for the Glequins I got those little gems from Born Pretty and you can get you some too Click here and get 10% off:)
♥ ~ Melissa
Some of the products in this post were sent to me for review. I was not paid for my review of this product and all opinions are my own.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I'm Doing My Nails Today:)

Wow, this last week has been soo super crazy:) I finished my exams and score will finish this semester with a 4.0:)   Anyway on to the goodies:) I have a new indie premiering on the blog tonight I'm Doing My Nails Today or IDMNT  Gingerbread.
Gingerbread is a mix of brown large and small glitters with a smattering of White hexs and green short bar glitters. Now this polish doesn't remind me of gingerbread but it is no less intriguing.  Brown Glitters are super hard to make look good but this polish does it. 
I Layered Gingerbread over China Glaze Def Defying, followed up with a coat of Gelous and SV.  This polish had a great formula, some minor curling of the short green bar glitters, but nothing that affects application, actually I like the fact that they curl a little as I am not a fan of bar glitters anyway.
Cassie at IDMNT is such a sweetie, you can get this polish and many other from her Etsy Store. Her polishes retail for 5.99 for a full size, good deal right:) And show her some love on Facebook too.
♥ ~ Melissa

Some of the products in this post were sent to me for review. I was not paid for my review of this product and all opinions are my own.

Friday, December 7, 2012

The Best in Beauty this week:)

The best in beauty blogging this week:)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I'm Knackered.. wait what????

This post is gonna be short and sweet because I have a ton of homework. Tonight I have butter London Knackered to show you:)  I want to Love this polish, I really do, but I just don't.
Knackered is a color shifting, micro holographic glitter, blue/purple/green polish.  In the bottle it is a light blueish purple color that takes at least 3 coats to get opaque. I feel like this polish was designed to be a topcoat.   I am wearing 1 coat of Knackered over black, and it does make a beautiful combo (you can really see the holo glitters here)
Just look at that shift of Color:) It is a beautiful polish, I'm just not in love with it.  I am just gonna have to give it some time try it over some new colors and see what happens.

Hope you guys are having a great Week:)

♥ ~ Melissa

and just a quick FYI Knackered means tired, at least that is what urban dictionary says:)