Monday, November 19, 2012

Santa Claws GRRRRRR

Happy Monday Everyone!!!! Mine has been a big pain in the you know what!!!! I just hope today is not an indication of what this week will be like...  But anyway on to something fun and positive:) Part 2 of Jindie Nails Santa Claws Collection:)
 Starting off is my favorite polish from the Entire collection Just Elfing Around.. This polish has all sizes of glitters in matte pastel green, red and white along with silver holographic glitters as well.  I think what makes this particular polish so different is the use of pastel green, it is just gorgeous!!!  I layered 1 coat over Sinful Colors Jungle Trail followed with a coat of Gelous and SV.  STUNNING!!! 
 Next is Silent Night, this is a  deep royal blue jelly with a purple shimmer, holographic stars and moons and other various shapes of holo and iridescent glitters inter-mingle in this polish.  Now the consistency of this polish is a little thick, and the larger Glitters don't really like to come out of the bottle.
This just proves one thing, Jen @Jindie Nails is upfront about everything!!! Reading the description of Silent Night, She is accurate in her description so I was not surprised or disappointed, but I knew exactly what to expect.  That is True Customer Service and Kudos to you Jen!!!!   Now how beautiful is this polish, I am wearing 2 coats here with a coat of Gelous and SV (fair warning because this polish is on the thicker side allow extra drying time).
Next is Santa Claws. This is such a different polish I haven't decided if I like it or not. But I do think I need a different pairing.
 I have it here over Essie Marshmellow. This is a matte white, black, red and green square glitters in clear base. This polish is a great layering I really wanna try it in a jelly sandwich:)
So what do you think of the Santa Claws Collection???  I ♥ it.  I know you want the collection now so here are all of your links to get it:) And Don't forget to show some LOVE!!!! 
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