Tuesday, July 31, 2012

TIOT.... Hook and Line

So for today's Try it on Tuesday I have China Glaze "Hook and Line" from the Hunger Games Collection, "Hook and Line" is a shimmery beige/grey/neutral color. I wasn't really sure about this color when it first came out, to tell the truth I really didn't notice it at all... It didn't stand out like Electrify, Luxe and Lush, or Stone Cold.  to be completely honest the only reason I picked up this color at all is I saw it on Clearance about a month ago for less than $3.  The deal was to good to pass on:)

 The results are in.... I LOVE IT!!!! For fall or winter this color will be PERFECT!!!! It will be a great way to take a break for the darker colors of fall with out going too orange.  I am So Glad I picked up this color!!!!  I added tips in China Glaze "Smoke, and Ashes" a black with green micro shimmer, to make it pop a little more.

If you haven't enter my giveaway DO IT NOW!!!! It ends tonight!!!!! and the "SURPRISES" are dreamy!!!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Guest Blogger:) My Indie Glam Addiction

So with out further ado, I give you 
Jenn @ My Indie Glam Addiction

How I Punk’d Up Dollish and Made an Indie Jelly Sandwich
Well hello, hello everyone! I’d like to thank Melissa at Pinked Polish for asking me to make a guest appearance on her blog. I am truly honored! When she first asked me, I had no idea what I was going to post. Then she suggested a jelly sandwich mani. I’ve never done one before and have heard that they can be hit or miss so I figured I’d give it a shot.
I’m sure there are certain rules to follow when it comes to this kind of mani that I am not aware of, so again, if this is an epic fail, thank you Melissa for letting me do it on your blog! :P
I have several polishes but really wanted to do a 100% Indie jelly sandwich. That proved much more difficult than I thought. All of the Indies I have already have glitter in them! Hmmmm what to do?? Then it hit me. I have an original bottle of Dollish Polish Hip Hop Hippity Hop and if I don’t shake it the glitter will stay at the bottom - therefore I have a lovely pink base!

Does it qualify as a jelly? I asked myself that several times during this mani and to be honest, I still don’t know. All I knew was that it took two coats to become opaque which meant that one coat would do what I needed it to do and that was good enough for me.
Next I needed to find an Indie glitter. This was a task since I own so many. I decided to do Pretty & Polished Punk’d Up Betty because I hadn’t tried it yet and just received it in the mail the day before. This polish was one of my lemmings for quite a while so excuse me if I dork out a little bit!!

Alright, here we go! First I applied two coats of Hip Hop Hippity Hop to make it opaque. Then I waited for it to dry.

I really like this shade of pink!
Once it dried I applied two coats of Punk’d Up Betty to get a lot of the glitter because I wanted it to stand out.

I know right??? I love it too.
Okay… movin on.
Then it was time to top my sandwich. I decided to do varying coats of thickness with Hip Hop Hippity Hop because… well why not?

Okay so it’s not as glamorous as I’d like it to be (wow my fingers were really dry by the end of this!!) and again, I’m not sure if this is how it was supposed to turn out but as it was my first attempt I’d say it isn’t too bad!
It was definitely a fun experience and I’m not sure that I would have attempted it had it not been requested by you, Melissa!
Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity!! J
-          My Indie Glam Addiction

Jenn - I ♥ it, and I may just have to get me a bottle of Punk'd Up Betty!!!  We will have to do this again soon!!!! ♥ Melissa

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Foil Tips:) Semi FAIL

So this mani is not a Total FAIL... Just a semi one:) I was rushed and went about it the wrong way!!!! I didn't let my base color dry totally, put my top coat on tooo fast and didn't clean up the foil edges:(   But despite all of the above it still looks pretty cool and achieved exactly what I wanted:)  So for the base color I used Julep "Robin", I am so loving Teal right now:) and them I taped tips and foiled them with "Ocean Mist" foil that I got from www.dollarnailart.com. Then I added Holo Top Coat 20 (I got this on Copious) on the entire nail:) I was pleasantly surprised that this didn't crinkle the foil very much:)  Hope you guys are having a great weekend!!!! ♥ Pinked Polish
This pic is without flash and you can see the
lavender and teal pattern in the foil:)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Weekly Roundup 7/27

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

That Leopard has PINK Spots!!!!

So by now you know that every week Jill @ Jilltastic has a weekly challenge. Well this week I was super lucky and got to choose the Challenge:) an well I ♥ leopard nails so it was a given:) I saw a mani on pinterest that I thought was super cute (you can see it here) so I figured this is perfect for the challenge!!! I taped my tips coated them with Sally Hansen " Hard to Get" your basic creamy white. I grabbed my medium dotting tool and China Glaze "Pink Voltage" and made approx 5 abstract dots on each nail.  I then grabbed my tiny dotting tool and Sinful Colors "Black on Black" and made semi circles and dots around each pink dot:)  Followed it all with a coat of SV and TA-DA!!!! So what do you guys think??? I ♥ it!!!! Def will be keeping this one for a few days!!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Guest Post @ Lena Loves Nails

Hey Dolls!!!! Head over to Lena Loves Nails I just did a guest post for her:) http://lenalovesnails.blogspot.com/2012/07/guest-post-pinked-polish.html

Let me know if you guys LOVE or HATE!!!! I Love it:)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Glitter gradient;)

Inside natural light
Do you ever feel like after you wear red polish that you can't follow it with another red... Maybe it's just me:) So after sporting China Glaze "Ruby Pumps" for the last few days I had to go blue!!! China Glaze "Frostbite" is my blue of choice today:) I just love this color its is like shimmery cobalt that is slightly neon!!! I did a glitter gradient with Jordana "LA City Nights" and Orly "Mermaid Tale". This Color combo is beautiful!!!! After wearing it all day I decided to add Essie "Matte about you" and guess what I ♥ it even more!!!! Tell me what you think!!!!
Outside Sunny
Upclose and Personail!
with the Matte Top Coat

Only 1 Week left in my giveaway:) Don't forget to ENTER:)

Ruby Pumps.... Yes Please!!!!! TIOT

So I have gone back and forth on this color for a few months. China Glaze "Ruby Pumps", it looks like a dark red micro glitter. I am not a huge fan of micro glitter, it usually seems like they are more trouble than they are worth! example: any of the China Glaze Prizmatic collection. Takes several Coats and is a huge pain to take off even worse than most glitters because the micro part gets EVERYWHERE!!!! I finally decided to get it, but put have put off wearing it. I decided to pull it out today in honor of TIOT:) 

Well I L♥VE it!!!! It took 2 thin coats to get complete coverage . It didn't stain my cuticles (reds and blacks tend to do this to me) and the SPARKLE!!!! This will def be my go to red during the holidays!!!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Nail Foils!!!!!

Inside Natural Light before TopCoat

So a couple of weeks ago I saw Nail Foils on Pinterest, I was in awe of how shiny they were:) I ♥ Shiny so I had to get some!!! I ordered some from www.dollarnailart.com and they came in today!!! The selection is fab and each roll of foil was $1 and they had all kinds of other nail art supplies for $1 hence the name Dollar Nail Art:)  So I youtubed the "how to" on nail foils and when from there. I started with a base coat of polish close to the foil color and then once that was dry I put on the foil adhesive (this take about 1 min to dry) then applied the foil and ripped it off:) it is super shiny. Per my internet research I used a regular top coat (not quick dry) because quick dry will make it crinkle. and well it crinkled anyway:( So If you have a good topcoat to use on Foils let me know!!!!!  The foil color I used is called Blue Mist:) I am really happy with the results, now all I need is a top coat to use with the foils!!!! Let me know what you guys think and any tips you may have!!!! Have a fab weekend:)  ♥ Pinked Polish
Inside Artificial Light before TopCoat

Update:  Wet and Wild Top Coat works:) it still crinkles some but not too much:) way better than SV or Gelous or SH Strenghting topcoat and it was only .99 cents:)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Weekly Roundup:)

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Holo Top Coat... I think I am addicted:)

So last Friday "13th"  Copious  was being super awesome and gave everyone $10 in credits:) so lucky me I was able to score 2 mini holo top coat with spectraflair 35 for only $3.50!!!!

I was super excited as I have been wanting a holo top coat for a LONG time!!!! So for its first spin around the block I layered 2 coats over Essie "Camera" a neon jelly pink with a reddish tint and this is the result!!!! I ♥♥♥♥♥ it!!! I think I am addicted:) and just and FYI if you sign up for copious under the link above or on my FB page you automatically get a $10 credit:)

don't forget to Enter my Giveaways #1 and #2!!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sunset Gradient:)

Every week Jill @ Jilltastic Nail Designs has a nail art challenge on her Facebook Page  So this week's challenge is Gradients:) I ♥ little challenges like this cause it inspires me to do something new and to try out different methods, and any excuse to paint my nails is a good one:) So for this challenge I started out with Julep "Sasha" a creamy pink orange, and then I did the gradient with Sinful Colors "Unicorn" a pale yellow.  I followed it with one coat of China Glaze "Fairy Dust" and a coat of SV!!!!

As I was in the midst of snapping pictures for you guys my hubby looks over my shoulder and says "Oh cool a sunset".   I never saw it till he said it then it was so obvious:) hope you ♥ it like I do:) don't forget to Enter my Giveaways #1 and #2!!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Try it on Tuesday #5 School of Hard Rocks

I am starting to notice a trend in my colors to try.... Blue or Green:) So for this Try it on Tuesday I tried Essie "School of Hard Rocks" a creamy dark teal. This is a great color, full opacity in just 2 coats:) I think you could probably even stamp with it too!!!  This to me is not a Summer color but will be great in the Fall!!! So that is my Try it on Tuesday, don't forget to Enter my Giveaways #1 and #2!!!!
Inside Natural Light

Outside Sunny

Saturday, July 14, 2012

50 Followers and 150 Likes GIVEAWAY

So in Celebration of 50 followers and 150 Facebook likes, I am having a GIVEAWAY!!!!  For this giveaway there will be 2 winners:) and some fabulous prizes:) This giveaway is limited to winners in the USA and Canada only!!! Sorry to my international viewers I will have an international giveaway soon:)

Now for the Goodies:)

 One copy of Fifty Shades of Grey:)

Milani "Grey Tux", Seche Vite Quick Dry Top Coat, China Glaze "Stone Cold"
Jordana Glitters "Cosmic", Zoya "Kimber", Color Club "Covered in Diamonds",
Wet and Wild Craze "Jade"

 Winner # 1: A copy of Fifty Shades of Grey:)
Prize Package 1 and your Choice of
1 polish from Prize Package 2 and a Surprise!!!

Winner #2: Prize Package 2 minus the polish selection
of winner #1 and a Surprise!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

and don't forget to enter my Julep Giveaway HERE:)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Tribal Accent Nail

So I was on pinterest earlier and one of my girlfriend had this nail art pinned with a comment for me to do it:) So this is for you H:)  For my main color I used Essie "Turquoise & Caicos" a beautiful teal:) This color is so much like China Glaze "For Audrey" if you own one you really don't need the other, and as a polish hoarder I say that with EXTREME prejudice.  For my Accent nail I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear "White On" with hand painted abstract lines in Sinful Colors "Black on Black" all followed with a coat of SV.

Don't forget to enter my Giveaway HERE!!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Glam FX Tips

So every week Jill @ Jilltastic Nail Design has a nail art Challenge on her facebook page and this week was french manicures:) I had to do something fun and funky!!! Last week I snagged Orly Glam FX in "Mermaid Tales" from Sally for $0 with a coupon (here) and just knew what I had to do:) So I started by taping and painting my tips with Sinful Colors "Black on Black" and followed it with a coat of Orly Glam FX "Mermaid Tales" and 2 coats of SV to smooth everything out!!!! Now I only got 1 of Orly Glam FX but I will be going back to get more!!!! It is so beautiful over black, I even did my toes:)  Don't Forget to Enter my Julep Giveaway HERE:) and just a FYI keep your eyes out I will have another giveaway posted in the next week:) Trust me you WILL want this one!!!! Hint 50 shades;)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Oh What Fun!!!!

So I saw this mani on Pinterest (amazed at how many times I have uttered those words) and thought I would try it out... MASSIVE FAIL!!!!! Well I think so anyway, my hubby says it looks great!!! My stamping was spot on, but I figured out I need a new detail brush ASAP.  Any way for this mani I used Maybelline Color Show "Porcelain Party" as my base, and stamped over it with Konad Black using Bundle Monster Plate BM-210.  I then added in details using Julep "Robin" a light teal and Julep "Daisy" a bright yellow. This mani looks fantastic from afar but up close it is a disaster!!!! Another reason I don't do a lot of free hand Nail Art!!! Anyway tell me what you think:) And don't forget to enter my Julep Giveaway

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Try it on Tuesday #4 Daisy Yellow

So for this Try it on Tuesday I chose Julep "Daisy". This is a beautiful Creamy Yellow. I must admit yellow is one of those colors that has always intimidated me. I am pale naturally so yellow usually makes me look completely washed out:( and true to form this yellow does just that:(!!!! It really is a beautiful color though! But it does take 3 coats for full opacity.  This will be a perfect accent color (I already have ideas floating around).

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Classic with a Twist:) Julep Giveaway

This Giveaway is over:( 
Congrats Jennifer K!!!!!

Maven Intro Box Classic with a Twist 
Julep Rose
 Guess what guys??? I have a giveaway for you:) sponsored by Julep!!!!  So this weekend I got the Classic with a twist Julep Maven intro box, this beauty came with Julep "Rose", Julep "Robin" and the Best Pedi Creme EVER! (and it truly is).  I tried Julep Robin out first and I ♥ it:) I love teal colors and this reminds me on one of my favs China Glaze " For Audrey" but Robin has a slightly bluer tint, just like a robins egg!!!  Next I tried out Julep "Rose"  this pink/red color is gorgeous and goes on like a charm, but it does have a slight orange under tone to it that doesn't look all that fab with my skin tone. Both colors needed 2 coats for full opacity, but then again how many polish don't;) Now for the Best Pedi Creme EVER this stuff is awesome!!!! This stuff not only works but smells great! like tea, mint, cucumber, and chamomile all wrapped up in perfection!!!!
Julep Rose with White and Robin Dots

Now you are probaby wondering What a Julep Maven is.  Well each month you will get a box from Julep with over $40 of goodies for only $19.99 and you can skip months or send to a friend it is completely up to you!!!! Now it gets even better, Go HERE and choose your style and then once you get to checkout enter promo code MAVENINTRO. You will recieve your first Maven box for 1 PENNY!!!! That is an AWESOME DEAL!!!

Now for the Giveaway, fill out the raffelcopter widget below for a chance to win a Maven Intro Box free!!!! This Giveaway is open until 7/25/2012. Good Luck

a Rafflecopter giveaway