Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Ohhh, That's right I have 6 fabulous polishes from the long awaited holographic Hologlam collection from China Glaze (PIC HEAVY!!!) :) Now, I have to tell you these six polishes were provided to me for review, my honest review:) Now I LOVE Holo polish!!!! My collection of  holos is growing by leaps and bounds, and to be completely honest I was a little disappointed by the holo-ness of these polishes:( BUT, the colors of this collection are phenomenal, and they have a slight lean toward metallic, which I LOVE!!!
First up is Infra-Red, a bright warm magenta pink:) With this name I was expecting a Red or Red/Orange, but I love it:) Two coats and total coverage, the formula is spot on and everything I have come to expect form China Glaze!
 Up next is Astro-Hot, this pretty baby pink is gorgeous!!! The formula was slightly thin and full coverage took 3 coats. This polish has more of the metallic look I was talking about to it:) 
When Stars Collide, is a deep purple maroon:) This polish is my favorite of the six polishes I have today:) I just love the way dark colored holo polishes look:) Two coats to perfection with this polish, and the formula is great!!!!
Next up is Get Outta My Space, a beautiful Lavender:) This polish is soft and feminine, and perfect!!!! This polish was another 2 coater and has that beautiful metallic look as well:)

Not in this Galaxy is a warm Coral with a fabulous slight lean towards orange:) The polish has a perfect formula as well, taking only 2 coats!! and what a great spring color!!!!


 The last polish I have is OMG a UFO, this warm green is gorgeous:) And the holo-ness of this polish is more apparent than the others to me, but I am gonna guess that's because cool toned colors tend to have a more holo effect in my opinion.  The formula is great with this one as well and only 2 coats needed:)
 Well all in all China Glaze did a great job with this collection:) I think most people were expecting more along the lines of the OMG collection from a few years ago, I was. However, looking at the collection as a whole and not comparing it to the OMG collection I am completely satisfied and totally impressed:) But I will say that I sooooo wish CG would re-release the OMG collection, hey just an idea:)
♥ ~ Melissa

 Some of the products in this post were sent to me for review. I was not paid for my review of this product and all opinions are my own


  1. These are gorgeous <3 Holo effect is subtle in natural lighting, but sooo beautiful under direct light! :D


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