Sunday, January 13, 2013


China Glaze has a new collection out that is super cool!!! It is called Tranzitions, this is two polishes in one bottle:)  The color of the polish changes with the application of a top coat:) First up is Duplicityy, this light smoky teal has a subtle shimmer and it tranzitions into a dark teal.  The formula for this polish is butter, the tranzition is a little streaky so you may need more than once coat of topcoat.
 Next up is Split Perso-NAIL-ity, this polish is a dusty pink with a slight shimmer that tranzitions into a medium pink that leans slightly purple.  This polish has the same issues as Duplicityy, it is streaky when a top coat is applied and the color change is not uniform. I do think that If I had waited until the first coat was dry I would have had better luck with the streakies (I'm always in a rush).
  Finally we have Shape Shifter, this dark Metallic Grey is my favorite!!!! This polish tranzitions into a deep shimmery purple that I LOVE!!!! I think with this one I learned my lesson, I let my first coat dry all the way and look no streakies!!!!
Over all these polishes are sweet. I think 75% of my issues were due to the fact that I am super impatient and don't like to wait. But otherwise I Love these polishes!!! There are six polishes in this collection and they retail for $6-9. You can pick these up at Ulta, Sally's or anywhere else China Glaze is sold. Happy Sunday Dolls hope you have a great  week!!!
♥ ~ Melissa

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  1. thanks for the review and the swatches - i love shape shifter, it looks so awesome!


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