Thursday, February 11, 2016

Blue Gradient!!!!

Happy Thursday Dolls!!!! It has been a COLD couple of days here!!! I am SOOOO ready for spring, and some warm weather!!!! So for a couple of weeks now I have really gotten in the habit of having my hubby pick out polish colors for me... I get so overwhelmed looking at all the pretties!!!!! So for this mani he picked Zoya Oceane and I went back and grabbed Zoya Talia:)  I did a simple sponged gradient with Talia as a base and Oceane sponged on the tips! 

I love the way this turned out and love the fact that cleanup was a breeze thanks to Chirality Tactical Shield!!!! Gradients can be such a pain in the butt to clean up, especially if there is any shimmer!!!

♥ Melissa

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