Thursday, April 9, 2015

Treble Maker

Who LOVES neon???? I DO:) A couple of weeks ago China Glaze released the much anticipated Electric Nights Collection! As soon as I saw the press releases I knew I was gonna have to grab quite a few of these (six to be specific). The first one I wanted to show off is Treble Maker! This baby is an electric neon green cream, and it is gorgeous!!! I did 2 coats over 1 coat of white to make the color pop, and followed it up with a coat of SV:)

 Now as gorgeous as Treble Maker is, I just had to do one of my favorite things and add an additional topcoat.  The topcoat I decided on was Mentality Matte Holo topcoat!!! This gem is matte and holo all at the same time, it adds an additional dimension to the polish and tones it down just slightly:)  

Don't you just love this color??? and with the top coat WOW!!! 

♥ Melissa

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