Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Rack, for Polish of course:)

 Happy Sunday Dolls!!! I have a different type of post for you today:) So one of the first questions I get asked after I tell people that I have over 400 nail polishes (and they get over the initial disbelief and the why question) is how in the world do I store them.  Well my fabulous hubby had a huge polish rack made for my graduation in December:) However I soon ran into a problem:( I have a ton of mini polishes and they were slowly taking over the top of my polish desk!!! Well low and behold the Lovely Cara and Dan over at Fox Claws had just what I was looking for!!!!
I present to you the PEARL RACK!!!
 This beauty is about a foot wide, and slightly taller and only 1 1/2 deep:) But the best part is it holds 48 mini's!!! Not to even mention the exceptional craftsmanship!!! Just looking at the way this rack is built, you can tell a lot of thought and care went into the design!!! Totally Impressed!!!
I can definitely say this beats the heck out of plundering through a packed drawer or table looking for a polish (not to mention knocking over half of them just to get the one you want).  Now for the details you really want, This beauty is only $23 +shipping!!!  Fox Claws also offers an array of other Racks to suit your polish organizational needs!!! I know the next one I'm getting is a Penny Stand!!! Don't forgot to show them some Love on FB and be sure to check out their Shop!!!
 ♥ ~ Melissa

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  1. Nice rack! (hehe) I'm in a storage funk right now. I need to get a 500 polishes ago lol. I love how they look on racks, but I think seeing them all displayed would kind of overwhelm me. I like to keep my addiction out of sight :)


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