Thursday, May 24, 2012


So holo's are all the rage right now, but they cost a pretty penny. I wasn't even sure I was gonna like one, so I hunted for one that didn't cost over $10 a bottle and this is what I found:) This little beauty is Color Club "Worth the Risque" and I got it on Amazon for $3 + $3 in Shipping:) I LOVE IT!!!! It is not a definitive as some of the other holo's out there but still really pretty:)

Inside with flash
Outside Sunny
Swatches inside with flash

I will definitely using this beauty alot:) the darker holo in the swatch pic is also by Color Club called "Revvolution", just as beautiful:) Oh, the other great thing about these polishes, is they are a 1 coat wonder:) very rare with holos from my understanding!!!! 


  1. That is def a good price for holo. Thanks for the info.

  2. I approve of the title of this post.



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