Saturday, February 9, 2013

Avant Garden:)

Oh Oh Oh do I have something special to show you dolls today:) I have the six polishes from the fabulous Avant Garden collection by China Glaze to show you today:) This whole collection has me wishing for warmer, longer days, green grass, and spring flowers:) First up is Snap My Dragon, this bright magenta polish has a beautiful purply/pink undershimmer that just shines:) This is a classic polish color that in the bottle looks like probably 10 others I have in my collection, but on the nail it has a flair all it's own:) I have on 2 coats of Snap My Dragon followed by a coat of SV:)

Passion for Petals, is your quintessential petal pink. This classic crème pink is a staple for any polish lover or girl for that matter:) The formula is perfection, not watery like some light pinks and no pooling in the cuticles. 2 coats of this beauty and SV and good to go.

And the Bright blue of the collection is Sunday Fundy, this is probably my favorite polish from the collection. I Love blues, especially ones that look like a perfect cloudless summer sky:) I also love blues that don't stain your nails, and this one doesn't:) 2 coats of creamy perfection and a coat of SV and it is good to go:)

Now my least favorite polish from the collection Budding Romance, and this has nothing to do with the color. I actually Love this color, it makes me think of cut grass or rose leaves.  The formula is slightly watery but nothing unmanageable, three coats for complete coverage.  What got me about this polish is the color bleed, it left this yellowish tinge on my nails and cuticles, that took 2 day to get it all off:(

Tart-y for the Party is lavender crème perfection.  This polish is the color of lavender or wisteria and completely gorgeous!!!  The formula is great but the color is what really makes this polish:) 2 coats of this beauty and complete coverage. The color is dusty but bright at the same time and the contradiction is what makes me love this polish all the more.

Finally we have Dandy Lyin' Around. This is a beautiful white polish. Now what makes this polish different that all the other whites is the shimmer, this is not a pearl or iridescent polish. This polish is packed with white microglitter, this glitter doesn't color change it just shimmers white:) Totally Gorgeous!!!!  The only issue I had with this polish is the formula, I had to use white undies for this polish:( 2 coats of white, and 1 coat of Dandy Lyin' Around and done:)

So what do you dolls think of this fabulous line:) I LOVE IT.  The Avant Garden Collection will be out in stores soon:) Which one is your favorite:)
♥ ~ Melissa
 Some of the products in this post were sent to me for review. I was not paid for my review of this product and all opinions are my own.


  1. I can't wait to get this collection! I can never resist China Glaze. Their collections get me every time! My top 2 are Dandy Lyin' Around and Tart-y For the Party. I can't wait for Spring!

  2. Nice swatches! I really like Snap My Dragon and Dandy Lyin' Around.

  3. The blue and purple are my favorite, they're gorgeous!

  4. Dandy Lyin Around is definitely my favorite! Such a clean crisp color but the shimmer makes it so angelic looking <3

  5. that green makes me sad, its the only one i want from the collection and its bleeding issue is getting talked about repeatedly. i seriously dont want mustard hands China Glaze! Come on!

  6. Great polishes! I really want the blue! WOWSA! :D


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