Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Scandalous!!!! TIOT

Oh my goodness... It is Try it on Tuesday already.... Where did the past week go??? So a couple of months ago after seeing a fabulous swatch of Revlon "Scandalous" I knew I had to have it. I went the next day and found it and a couple of other beauties I had been wanting. You can probably guess what happened, I got home did swatches and put the beautiful "Scandalous" in my polish stash, where it waited for it's turn to shine:) LOL... So here we are about 2 months later and I am looking for my next TIOT victim and who do I find peeping out at me but "Scandalous" of course.

What can I say, isn't she beautiful!!! She is a black jelly with large magenta hex glitter and small magenta glitter mixed in. Took three coats to get the opacity level I wanted and a coat of SV to smooth it all out:) But I love it and clean up was super easy, no staining:)


  1. I wanted this when it first came out but never got it. Now I am lemming for it all over again. Beautiful swatches!

    <3 Shannon

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  3. Very pretty. I bought this late, I know...but I'm getting ready to use it and had to do some research! :) Nice swatches.


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